Seeing iOS Safari pages from my Mac

I love that on my iOS devices I can see whatever webpages I opened on other devices logged into my iCloud account (I assume that’s how they do it).

But I lament the fact that there doesn’t seem to be comparable capability on Mac OS Safari.

Is it hidden and I haven’t found it?

It’s there. Tap the overlapping rectangles icon in the upper right corner of a window that pictorially represents your tabs. Underneath those are the lists of open tabs on other devices.

I often move from one device to another. If you have multiple tabs open on. a Mac from the Bookmark menu, you can quickly create a Bookmark folder of all of them that can be opened from all your iCloud known devices. You can then easily resume reading those tabs on the other device (and delete them from the list as you go. Its very convenient to do that from the sidebar listing of the Bookmarks. My question is whether one can create such a folder on an IOS device?

Alan Forkosh Oakland, CA

You also need to make sure that Allow Handoff is checked in the general preferences pane on the Mac.

thanks. I figured it must be someplace.

I do long for the days of documented software.


I love that feature. It’s the only “Continuity” feature I routinely make use of.

What bugs me about it is that every once in a while it will stop working. There appears to be no specific way to get it to reload. So far, the only thing I have been able to do is reboot the Mac and the iOS device in question. Ugh. Rebooting, what a 90s MS solution. :smiley:

In Safari on the Mac there is another way to show what web pages are open on another device by putting into the Toolbar the little cloud icon (which will read “Show iCloud Tabs”) when you hover your pointer over the icon when it is present in the Toolbar. It gives a list view dropdown of webpages open on your other devices. Like it does on the iPad and iPhone.
You first have to drag the icon from the Safari Menu Bar -->View -->Customise Toolbar… dropdown sheet and find the item called iCloud Tabs (2nd item) into the Toolbar wherever you wish it to reside.
TIP: You can also use the contextual menu option to activate the Customise Toolbar feature. Do a “right click” on the grey toolbar (in a blank area).
I also move the Share button immediately to the left of the web address field (where the url goes) and take out the variable spaces on that side of the Toolbar so that those toolbar items remain (visually) statically positioned no matter what width I make the safari window.

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very nice. that’s handy.