SEE Finance 2.1.6

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Maintenance release with a lengthy list of improvements and bug fixes for the personal finance app. ($39.99 new, free update, 28.8 MB)

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I’ve used practically every finance/chequebook software for Mac which there is.

SEEFinance is far and away the best in all aspects: full of features, as solid as a rock, a delight visually, well documented and with support from the developer which is truly outstanding.

For what I want it does everything and can be recommended without hesitation!

Currently the thing that makes it DOA for me is the lack of a local WiFi or iTFS sync capability. Cloud syncing only is a non-starter.

We’ve removed this Watchlist item because @agen was misled by his MacUpdate personalized watchlist—this update dates from June 29th, 2019, not 2020. It’s also the most recent update listed, which is a bit worrying with regard to the health of the company behind SEE Finance.

Scimonoce has always been slow with major releases/updates. It took a few years from its announcement (or at least the “we’re working on it”) for the iOS app to appear. It’s just a few folks developing it afaict (their only products to my knowledge, unless they’re also doing custom solutions) and I think they’d rather release stable than quickly. As a SEE user, I’m not hugely concerned that the updates are slow. (However, if they have stopped developing the product, at least I’ll get a clean export file from it.)

Scimonoce Software Support has not responded to requests for support since at least 2020-06-22. Here’s the auto-responder message from


Thank you for contacting SEE Finance Support. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control support is not available at this time. Until support is available once again, we ask that you refer to the documentation available on our Support page:

SEE Finance | Support

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


SEE Finance Support

Buyer beware.

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