Security Update 2019-002 (Mojave) and 2019-007 (High Sierra)

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Patches a pair of security vulnerabilities in Apple’s last two operating systems. (Free, various sizes)

After installing the security update on my new iMac running High Sierra, my USB keyboard would not work. I had to get out my bluetooth keyboard and mouse (which came with the iMac) so I could log back in. (I normally use a USB trackball plugged into my keyboard.) After I logged on I realized the that all my other USB devices were working normally, so I unplugged my keyboard and plugged it into a USB hub. The keyboard and trackball worked fine. (This is a USB-C to USB-A hub adapter plugged into a Thunderbolt port.) I then tried switching it with other USB-A devices to see if the port was bad. Everything else worked in that port. However, the keyboard would not work unless it was plugged into the USB-C to USB-A hub.