Searching inside objects in Mac Safari

I have a webpage that contains a pdf file inside an object tag. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox will find text within the pdf file using cmd-F but Safari doesn’t. Is there an extension or switch to click to make Safari do this? I have an example page at Bullitt County .

I am not at all knowledgable in this area, but my workaround is to hover near the bottom of the PDF to make the toolbar appear, then click the icon with the loupe in it. This opens the PDF in Preview, where the text can be searched.

Thanks. That is an option for me, but others viewing the page might not be aware of that option, and I’m not sure that describing it on the page would be a good idea, just for the percentage of viewers who might be using Safari (would kinda make Safari look bad too). I was hoping for a Safari based solution that I could note.