Screentime - iOS 12 public beta

(Tommy Weir) #1

Anyone else on the iOS 12 public beta finding Screentime interesting?

I was kind of dismayed to find out I averaged at just under 5 hours a day on my iPhone. It compares with an average on a daily basis (I presume for most folks) of 3h 17m. I am also picking it up on average every 9m.

And this is me off Twitter and Instagram for the summer. I do have a lot of passive podcast listening in there and Maps etc given the driving I’m doing, between them they constitute about 2h of that total on average a day.

30m on Books (a bit hooked on Susie Steiner at the moment)
20m on Safari
18m on Spark

A lot of 10m or below apps, NY Times, Messages, WhatsApp, Guardian

I think it’s time to have a spot for it in the house and the studio other than my pocket.