Screenshots. Really?

It’s also in the Launchpad, if you prefer.

It’s the same app that is launched when you type CMD-SHIFT-5.

Launch it with whatever mechanism you find most convenient.

Try xNip in the App Store. Similar to ScreenShooter from the description, although I have never used the later.

I like xNip a lot and use it daily. What makes it a winner is the complete set of annotation tools. Lines, boxes, circles, arrows, and text in your choice of size and color. Only one font though.

Set up a save location and naming convention or name it yourself.

As I recall very inexpensive.

I am grateful that while Apple iOS is a very closed system, Mac OS has hooks and APIs and AppleScript to allow third parties to get things done without Apple sharing the source code.

Can Windoze be scripted and Macroed as easily? (Not a Windoze Jockey)