ScreenFlow 10.0.9

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Bug fix update for the screencast recording and video-editing app. ($149 new, free update, 84.7 MB, macOS 10.15+)

I tried to upgrade for ScreenFlow last year and the software consistently crashed. After back and forth with customer service, they recommend I wipe my Mac and rebuild my user account from scratch in order to use their software successfully. 100% of my other software worked and still works fine. I declined and got a refund. (I can agree that perhaps there was something weird in my user account, but I don’t think “it’s your fault and we can’t diagnose it so put in several hours or more” is the right troubleshooting advice?)


I like ScreenFlow, but the licensing system sucks. I have had licenses to version 2,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10, and often when I come back to ScreenFlow, it gives me weird -2002 errors and I ahve to violently reapply my license using a command line tool.

Currently when I launch it, it tells me its in Demo mode and will watermark all my exports, except it is licensed, and the settings confirms it is licensed and has a Deactivate button, and it doesn’t include watermarks.

It’s a great tool, but issues like this, especially licensing issues when I’ve paid them for so long, are infuriating.

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I love using ScreenFlow, and have owned it and upgraded for a long time. I create all my video classes using it. But I am driven crazy with the approach to licensing, frequently having to unregister on my desktop to use it on my laptop. So much so that I tend now to not use it on my laptop, and instead use Capto there to record screencasts.