Screen brightness

Has anyone seen or seen reports of any screen brightness changes occuring in iOS 12.2 recently? It’s happened to me several times today and I don’t know if it’s just me or something systemic.

You might look at Settings > Display & Brightness and fiddle with the True Tone setting. I saw that being pretty aggressive while reading in bed recently, where there was a light shining on the screen and the room was otherwise dark. Depending on how I tilted the iPad,True Tone would brighten or dim the screen greatly.

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Not just related to TrueTone. Even on older devices that don’t have it the brightness seems wonky after the update.

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Long ago, I found a setting with a label like Automatically Adjust Screen Brightness, which I enabled. Like Adam, I have found the iPad can be sensitive to the angle at which incident light hits it in a room that is not uniformly lit.

I just looked for Automatically Adjust Screen Brightness and could not find it by that name. There is something in General Settings >Accessibility called Auto Brightness; maybe that was it, although the description only says, “Turning off auto-brightness may affect battery life.” Perhaps there should be a TidBITS article about the confusion that is Settings in iOS.

I don’t have True Tone under Settings > Display & Brightness. This is with iOS 12.1.4.

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Indeed. I have no idea why they would hide that in there rather than showing it right in Display & Brightness where users would most likely expect it.

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Do you have a newer device that supports it? IIRC it’s only included on iPhone 8 and later as well as the 10" iPad Pro and later. My SE doesn’t have it.

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I have an SE also…so I don’t have True Tone either but I did turn off Display Accomo.>Auto-Brightness so we’ll see if that makes any difference-if ti happens again.
I had considered the possibility that the latest update had something to do with it but as nobody else has talked about it I thought that it might just be moi!

As I’m using a SE True Tone’s not available to me. I did, however turn off Display Acc.>Auto-Brigthness and will see if that does anything-that’s IF it happens again.
So from your reply take it that you have not seen anybody else talk about this recently?

Probably not. It’s an iPad from before the iPad Pro was introduced. That would explain why I don’t see it.

No, I’m afraid it’s not just you. I’m pretty sure it’s something they screwed up in the update. Had no issues whatsoever with it until I applied this latest update.

Until this thread, no…