Scanning in Ventura

I’ve read bits and bobs about folk having trouble with Scanners and Ventura.
Is it a serious issue or is just some folk with particular scanners that are having problems?

My two Epson scanners, a V850 and a FF680, both working perfectly. It could be a different manufacturer has problems, not updated Mac drivers, but I’d be surprised if it was one of the major ones.

On my M1 iMac running Ventura 13.1, no problems with my ScanSnap ix500 using ScanSnap Home v. 2.8.0 (4).

Good luck.

No problem under Ventura with our Brother MFC-5890CN, using Image Capture and PDFpenPro 13.

Yup, that’s me. HP LaserJet Pro MFP M125NW, now only with native printer support through AirPrint, albeit, with more options than ever before, yet, no scanner. I am not happy, but I’ll live. I still have the latest (Intel) driver package from Apple, and it can still be installed manually to get the scanner support back, if I need it. But it does seem to me to be rather a shame that Apple did not bring its driver suite along, given that it keeps telling its customers never to use manufacturer drivers (which have, of course, historically been horrible) and that the out-of-box experience with the downloaded drivers have always been superior. Once again the dangers of relying on Apple promises, and/or the failure of AirPrint in practice. HP, meanwhile, simply furnishes Mac and iOS apps that use the network directly to provide print and scan, no driver, as its most recommended option. It does make good sense for non-USB users as it fits neatly in the app stores, but no support for scanning in apps like FineReader directly. Also, for a long time now, the best way to install firmware has been to download and extract the windows package, then use the legacy updater utility to upload it, and that’s only in the legacy driver package. The printer is now obviously EOL; it cannot even connect to HP’s ePrint servers any more, and perhaps because of that, I can’t disable ePrint (from the web server, anyway) either. Ho, hum. It still works, so I won’t throw it away …

Brother MFC9560 and 2395CW both behave well with Image Capture and Brother’s own iPrint&Scan on Ventura (13.1)

Thanks to everyone that replied.
I went to visit my friend today (this is the writer with the 2 Apple displays that he couldn’t use at the same time on his M1 Mac Mini).
He has a Canon LIDE scanner and it was not seen by Image Capture and the Canon software didn’t appear tp connect either.
I downloaded a trial version of Ed Hamrick’s wonderful VueScan - and now he can scan!
With regard to the two Apple displays, Apple refunded him the cost of one of them and he bought the Dell that someone here recommended.
He’s now very happy.