Saving a slideshow in Photos on the iPhone?

The slideshow feature in Photos on the iPhone is nice. I like the origami effects. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to directly save the slideshow video created. I can do it by recording the screen, but I was wondering if there was a better way.

Oh, and if you have a mix of live and night photos (which aren’t live of course) is there an easy way of selecting just the live photos so you can save them as a video? I don’t see a “live” indicator anywhere when looking through an album.


I have always used the Share menu (the box with the arrow up) to save it to a cloud drive. It seems to make a difference if you view it portrait or landscape. You can also save it to Photos and it will be in your library.

I guess I mean creating it to begin with. After selecting photos and then from the … menu choose Slideshow it creates a very nice slideshow. But there’s no way I can see to save it.

I see that now. I thought you were talking about memories. I agree that I cannot see a way to save them.

Memories work just fine, but the Slideshows have more options and seem more interesting. I saved one using the screen recording feature, and it looks ok, but I was just hoping there was a better way. Seems like an obvious missing feature.