Samsung T7 Touch

Can anyone confirm that the above mentioned SSD can be used successfully as a backup drive on my iMac, both intel and Apple Silicon.
Thank you Holty

I am not aware of any restrictions regarding the ability of any external drive being able to use as backup for any version of macOS, Mac CPU or type of backup (TimeMachine, CCC, SuperDuper!, and many others) as long as it’s formatted correctly.

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I’ve been using two Samsung T7 Touch since January - one as TM backup on my 2020 MBP and one on my wife’s MBP - same model. Used it running Monterey and now Ventura.

The only problem I found was that I had to wait hours before the computer would recognize the disk. Disk utility saw it IIRC - right away. It just didn’t show up as a TM or on the window. I was about to give up when I had left it connected overnight and found that it showed up in the morning.

Works great - just takes a long time to connect.


Are you remembering to eject it before disconnecting? If a drive is not unmounted before a disconnect, macOS will inspect the volume before mounting it. If there are a lot of files and/or a lot of snapshots, this could take many hours.

Also, don’t assume that it is ejected just because the Finder icon goes away. It’s been my experience that it can take several minute longer than that. When I eject my backup volumes (prior to disconnect), I open Disk Utility and wait for all the volumes’ names to change from black to gray (meaning they’re unmounted) and then I wait for the drive’s activity light to stop blinking (which sometimes takes a few seconds beyond that).

I’ve send Apple Feedback describing this bug - they shouldn’t remove the Finder icon until the volume is 100% unmounted - but so far, they don’t seem to have fixed this bug.


I do eject it but wasn’t aware of the need to check on Disk Utility.
Thank you for the advice!
Had the same problem though when first connecting it.


This is what I do (because you recommended it earlier, if I recall correctly), and my experience matches yours: Finder icon goes away, volumes’ names change to gray, drive’s activity light blinks red (usually a few seconds later) and then (usually) goes out (but sometimes stays light blue).

Absolutely correct. Thank you for submitting the bug report.

Don’t know about the Touch…but the regular T7 works fine. I’m guessing the Touch requires their software to be installed and running since it’s not connected to the Secure Enclave though. I do not have the Samsung software installed…and personally if I wanted to encrypt the drive I would do it under macOS and let it store the password in the keychain.

Mike Bombich, developer of Carbon Copy Cloner, addresses that here:
“Specific storage device recommendations”

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Thank you all for your advice.