Samsung Announces Blood Pressure Monitoring Application for Galaxy Watch Devices

This is an interesting development:

I suppose Apple is working on a similar feature for the next Apple Watch.

The Samsung app has not been approved by the US FDA or any other government safety monitoring organization other than South Korea’s. A quick search turned up skepticism about the accuracy of the Samsung app:

Apple has not so secretly been working on a blood pressure measuring medical product and I remember reading about patents they have registered that could be used for it. Apple’s afib app was literally a game changer in the medical device industry, but it was not released until it had passed the FDA’s approval process. And Apple also hooked up with Stanford University to build the ongoing Heart Study:

Remember Samsung’s exploding phones?

Passing the FDA is a challenge that no manufacturer of a cuffless device has been able to achieve to date, though many have tried. Here’s one example of a