Safari unable to "copy" email addresses at web sites

ok I’ll try not to get all Op-Ed like … but really?
cutting to the chase
below is the actual of how an email address was copied from a web page’s contact link using Safari (latest version) you know, … control click > copy email address
Since Safari always defaults to opening Mail app (which I don’t use) if clicking an email link I like to simply right-click and copy/paste etc

In case you want to try it it was at the concept2 rowing machine web site
Not really sure if this has to do with Mac OS Ventura, … can’t imagine it would have anything to do with the Mac model …

You can change the default email program:

It’s URL-Encoded, and running it through a decoder returns the email address listed on the page ( Copying it from that page in Opera gives me the actual address, not an encoded one, and the source code shows the address in plaintext, not encoded. (Some sites encode embedded mailto: links to interfere with scrapers harvesting them, though that’s not as effective as it once was.)

I also tried it in Safari 16.2 on Big Sur (which I don’t normally use), and it copied correctly for me, so if it’s a Safari issue, it’s probably specific to Ventura (and possibly Monterey). What program did you paste it into?

Some websites use javascript to obfuscate email addresses, which you might be running into here. The plethora of settings in the extension “Stop the Madness” might be able to overcome the technique.

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On my MBPro 2017 running a Big Sur and a Ventura volume, either system behaves the same way for me exhibiting the encoded version of the copied link … Firefox, (and I would presume Chrome) handle it properly.
I don’t really have a desktop mail “app”, or mail offline storage to/for which I could ascribe gmail as default mail app, I suppose that might be because I have never set up Mail … which perhaps allows for changing the default to opening or navigating to Gmail
Editorially speaking: I still would prefer Safari to simply copy email addresses in plain text