Safari on iPad changed URL in address bar

On an iPad (Air 2, running iOS 12.4.1, with an external keyboard, if any of that matters), I pasted into the address bar and pressed return. Safari said it could not connect to the server. Inspection of the URL in the address bar revealed that it had been changed to (the slash between gov and climate had been removed). I again pasted the URL and confirmed that it was what I pasted into this message; again the URL got changed. In the address bar, I put two slashes between gov and climate and pressed return; it worked, and the URL in the address bar was what I had pasted originally. In other words, Safari removed one slash from the edited URL. Other URLs, including URLs with servers *, loaded properly before and after the peculiar URL. Any thoughts?

Same thing happens in Safari 13 for Mojave.

I can reproduce the problem as well, but it’s fine in Brave and Firefox, so it’s definitely a Safari bug that’s worth reporting.

Woo hoo! I found a bug!

I would be happy to let someone else report it. I would be almost as happy to report it myself, if someone would be so kind as to provide an appropriate link.

Apple’s feedback page is a bit confusing. Safari only shows up under macOS, but if you select it there, it does offer iOS as selectable host OS.

Thanks, Simon. I reported the behavior.

Mr. Varnell, Perhaps you meant iOS 13? Same problem as OP on my iPhone with that OS. I can’t check my iPad as it is, like me, too old!

Works fine in Mojave macOS 10.14.