Safari 16.3

Originally published at: Safari 16.3 - TidBITS

Patches security vulnerabilities in Monterey and Big Sur. (Free, various sizes, macOS 11+)

I’m seeing odd behavior on my MacBook 2015, which runs Big Sur. I updated to Safari 16.3 and now:
• website icons are having difficulty displaying. I know that sometimes these are purged and need reloading, but as I wait on the start page for them to load, I see the light grey change to yellow-grey or dark grey or sometimes the site’s icon. Visiting a site doesn’t seem to populate the start page grid with that icon either.
• (This one is much worse.) The label for folders on my bookmarks bar (“Favorites”) is sometimes an emoji, as I implemented an idea someone had for shortening these names a few years ago. Now I see nothing there—just blank space. I tried renaming one by replacing the blank space with the emoji again, but it still displays nothing visible.

Mobile Safari in iOS 16.3 is not experiencing either of these issues, although it is from the same batch of updates.

Anyone else having these issues?