Safari 15 and Opening Multiple Bookmarks

I have a bookmarks folder that is set up to open all the bookmarks with a single click. (I think this is Automatically Replace Tabs, or Command-Click on the folder).

Before Safari 15 all of the tabs would load in the background which I found to be convenient. Beginning with Safari 15, tabs only start loading when you open the tab. This is annoying.

For example, this morning I opened all the bookmarks. I looked at a few. Before checking the rest I made some coffee and took a walk around the neighborhood with my wife. When I got back, a half hour later, the tabs I hadn’t looked at yet still hadn’t loaded.

Is there any way to get back to the feature of having the tabs load in the background?

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Sadly, I’m seeing the same behavior and haven’t been able to figure out a workaround.

Same here. It’s annoying there’s no user setting to revert this.

On my computer, command-clicking a bookmark folder also causes this as described above.

I’ve been using an Automator script to open multiple sites in the morning. Those open in tabs that are properly preloaded as they were before.

I use the “Get Specified URLs” followed by “Display Webpages” actions.

Although the “Get Specified Finder Items” (pointing to any folder containing URL files), followed by “Get Folder Contents” and “Open Finder Items” works just as well

I launch the Automator Script using the Apple Script Menu.