Safari 15.1

Originally published at: Safari 15.1 - TidBITS

Patches a few WebKit-related security vulnerabilities. (Free, various sizes, macOS 10.15+)

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Safari 15.1 for Big Sur has just been released.

Good news is the BS with tabs above favorites has been reverted.
Bad news is the bug that tabs don’t load in background until they are made active is still around.

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I recently installed Safari 15.1 on Catalina, and I’m seeing two problems in particular. In a tab group that I’m using heavily, when I click on a link on a webpage, frequently it will flash the new page, but immediately return to the previous page. It’s not like the Back button got accidentally clicked because the Forward button is grayed so won’t take me to the new page, so I have to re-click the link. This has happened probably about 20 times in the last two days. The other problem, which I’ve seen less frequently, maybe 5 times, is when I click on a link on a page in a central tab in the group, it jumps to the last tab in the group. While I’m on about Safari, a 3rd problem I’ve seen just once is that a particular site’s search feature kept returning zero matches even when I was sure there should be a match. I quit Safari, relaunched it, did the identical search, and got my results. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to reproduce any of these problems. They just seem to happen randomly.