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Patches a variety of security vulnerabilities for those running Apple’s last two operating systems. (Free, various sizes)

Unfortunately, I’m having severe problems with Safari 13.1 running under High Sierra 13.6. On many sites, it is giving me the “This webpage was reloaded because a problem occurred.” error. It tries to reload the webpage but fails and displays a gray error page with the message: "A problem repeatedly occurred with [webpage address]” and a Reload Webpage button. If I click the button, it tries to reload but ends up with the same error.

These are not some obscure websites but include among others: The Washington Post, The New York Times, Fidelity Investments. I have no problem accessing them using Chrome or Firefox.

Are you running any extensions? Have you checked if disabling them helps?

I checked - there are no extensions running or even loaded.

Apparently I have the same issue. I did a fresh install from scratch for the OS and yet I have the same problem.

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I have similar issues, I have one website that I get the login page, but after providing my credentials I then get this response HTTP Status 401 – Unauthorized

I can login with no problem in FireFox.

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I haven’t noticed any major problems with Safari 13.1, but it does appear to have a problem in Canvas with rendering jpegs. The images load correctly in Firefox, and it was working in Safari 13.0.5.

Disabling JavaScript in Safari eliminates the webpage loading issue but at a cost of lost functionality on many webpages (including this one).


I’m now finding that ad block isn’t functioning as it used to do. Two news sites that I visit, are now unreadable due to the ads that I never saw before.

Is that on HS? I’ve installed it on Mojave and I haven’t seen any issues with my blocker yet. I’m using the incredibly bare-bones Ka-Block though. What are you using?

@Simon, Is this to me regarding ads? If so, yes, I’m running HS 10.13.6; and ABP, which is turned on.

Reinstalled Safari 13.1 per this thread and so far, so good:
Safari Upgrade causes problems with many

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Hi, First time poster - I have the same problem. We have several Macs in our household, but only two of them are on Safari 13.1 - one is running Mojave and the other running High Sierra.

‘the webpage reloaded because a problem occurred’ happens with varies sites specifically eBay UK login and Guardian UK website.

Tried a new user account and various Java (un)installs, cache flushes, etc. Only commonality is both machines had a recent install of 1Password.

Well, I’m relieved that is not happening just with my computer. It seems Apple did something stupid. I never had a single problem with Safari, now it is unusable.