Safari 13.0.3

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Patches numerous WebKit-related security vulnerabilities. (Free)

I upgraded yesterday and so far as is well. I’m running High Sierra on an older iMac.

I’m running Mojave and can’t find a way to implement the update.

It’s not showing in the App store, and Systems Preferences is only showing me the Catalina update (not yet for me).

Is there a direct link from which I can download the update for Mojave?


There should be an option below the Catalina banner.

Click More Info and you’ll get the updates:

Or at least you should. If you don’t, I have no idea what might be going on.

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Thank you Adam! It’s working perfectly.

I’m learning more about my new MBP and Mojave. After using Mac’s since ’91, I guess it’s nice to keep learning new things.


Just loaded the security and safari updates to OS 10.14.6 and it broke communication between One Password and Safari. I’ll check for a One Password update.

You need the 1Password 7 browser extension to work with Safari 13. If you’re already running 1Password 7, contact 1Password’s support.

This is why I’m still using Safari 12. I’m open to paying more money, it’s been a while, but I’m undecided about buying standalone licenses again or going with subscription. My wife and I have been satisfied by the current features and using Dropbox to sync a shared vault. We each have a Mac, iPhones, and she has an iPad.

Hello: I have been holding off on updating Safari on Mojave 10.14.6
Any issues that I should know about other than those posted? I used LastPass
Thank you

Safari 13 doesn’t support the old kind of browser extension so 1Password users have to subscribe to 1Password or buy standalone 1Password 7 to get the new one. Since LastPass is only available as a subscription, you can always get the current version.

The new type of browser extension works in Safari 12 so you can switch to it for LastPass before installing Safari 13. Here’s LastPass’s post about it: A Change to the Safari Extension.

Dropping support for older browser extensions is the only problem I’ve heard of with Safari 13.

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One Password 7 and Safari 13.0.3 are playing nicely today. I’ve had a couple restarts since my post - maybe that did the trick.