Safari 12 Crashes Spotlight in Sierra—Here’s the Fix

(Adam Engst) #1

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TidBITS readers have reported a conflict between Safari 12 and Spotlight in macOS 10.12 Sierra, where invoking Spotlight and typing causes it to crash. Happily, there’s a simple fix.

(MR) #2

I have been experiencing a different type of crash that happens repeatedly and reliably in Sierra: invoking Quick Look on a .webloc file crashes the Finder, instead of displaying a Quick Look view of the web page. Could these two crashes be related? Anyone else experiencing this Quick Look / Finder crash?

(Matt Neuburg) #3

Wow, great tip! I’ve been experiencing the crash, and I’d also noticed that it only happens when the spotlight search contains certain letters. Moreover, I had a different workaround: don’t use the Spotlight window, just use the Search field in the Finder (or use NotLight, of course). In other words, the bug is the Spotlight window only. But your solution is better.

(Adam Engst) #4

Thanks, Matt! Not having a Sierra Mac handy, I couldn’t test this as fully as I would have liked—I was wondering about the Search field in Finder windows. I’ll tweak the article to work these facts in.

Now I’m wondering what the letters are that crash Spotlight. And I’m getting flashbacks to “Letterman” from Sesame Street. :slight_smile:

(mstrickland) #5

I have the same problem with 10.12.6 where Finder crashes when accessing a WEBLOC file under some ways. I have yet to find a solution.

One quirk is a double click of a WEBLOC on the desktop launches Safari but if inside a folder/directory it crashes Finder but does not launch Safari. I can right click a WEBLOC file and select “Open With” and it works anywhere.

(Lawrence Seiford) #6

Thanks for this tip. Fixed the problem for me. Yet another reason I subscribe to TidBITS!

(Diane D) #7

I was not having an issue with specific letters. Most of the time it would crash, but sometimes it wouldn’t.

I found that if I hit Command-space and waited, I could then type a letter and wait for the list to show up. If my choice was there, I could arrow down. If not I’d try the next letter and repeat.

This often worked, but not always.

I posted the issue to the group on Sept 20 but didn’t get any replies. (I wrote it as “timing out” vs crashing)


(B. Jefferson Le Blanc) #8

I haven’t had the problem—because I don’t use Spotlight from the menu bar. I almost always use the Finder window search field. But I used your tip to turn off Bookmarks and History anyway, just to be safe. Thanks for the tip.

(Adam Engst) #9

I’m seeing a number of people reporting this in the Apple Support Communities, but no real solutions.

(Matt Neuburg) #10

I do also see the Quick Look issue; I’m glad I’m not alone.

A comment over on Macintouch suggests that unchecking Other in the Spotlight Search Results pref pane may be needed, in addition to Bookmarks & History.

(randalltrini) #11

I had the same issue, after upgrading to Safari on Macbook Pro running regular Sierra. This tip saved me from going crazy! Thank you so much!