Safari 12.0.3

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Addresses WebKit and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities for macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra and 10.12.6 Sierra. (Free)

Well, I didn’t expect that.

I just applied the Safari 12.0.3 update on my iMac running Sierra.

Imagine my surprise when I launch it, and my window opens to this URL:

Safari has been set to open to on all my Macs for something like forever. Okay, 15 years or so. I like opening to a non-portal page, and classic Google is a refreshingly minimalist way to start a browsing session.

Naturally, the window wants me to know what shiny objects I can purchase. screenshot

I’m really hoping this is just a consequence of addressing the vulnerabilities that were targeted by this update, and not a whole new direction for Apple.

Now, off to fix my homepage setting.…

…and, Safari is programmed to ask “Are you sure you want to change your Homepage to Google Search? Google searches can be started from the Safari smart address bar without being on the Google web page.” (or something like that)

this box

I know, right?