Rumors about the new 13"/14" MBP

So now that the new 16" MBP has arrived with its smaller bezels and improved keyboard, many of us are wondering if the 13" MBP will see a similar update in the near future.

Personally, I’m quite certain the keyboard changes will migrate to the new 13" MBP, however, a bezel reduction to allow for a higher-res 14" screen I’m not so sure about. I’d personally love to ee that and I’d perfectly willing to pay for it, but considering the 13" has always had larger bezels and its lower price point, I’m not so sure we’ll see the 13" follow the 16" in that upgrade.

Anyway, DigiTimes with its at best mediocre track record suggests we’ll see the new 13" in the first half of 2020 (duh) and while they claim we can expect a new keyboard, they think the screen will stay the same size.