Room layout program for iOS

Moving some furniture around in the rooms and was looking for a easy to use but inexpensive layout program for the iPad (or Mac) that does not rely on CAD CAM or 3D views. Or if it does, is easy to move things around, etc.

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Several years ago I used Live Home 3D ( to make a plan how to arrange the furniture in a new office and for a booth.
After a quick look into the latest version: it is still easy to quickly draw a plan of a few rooms and arrange some
objects. It is much more polished now, with a larger objects library and a gallery of sample-houses and -rooms.
It is not free anymore, but the test version seems to have all the functions and lets you export a PDF with watermark. USD 19.99 for the standard version.

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You could use Vectornator for this, has the admirable dual features of being both free and excellent.

It’s a general purpose illustration tool, no preset objects like furniture to use, so you would have to set them up yourself.

I recently used magicplan on my iPhone and found it fantastic:


Apple Keynote? Can make shapes. Specify size. Move and rotate them.


I’ve always had a thing for Omni’s software. OmniGraffle should do what you’re looking for although it’s designed to do a whole lot more.


Keynote, slaps head. Of course. The first question always should be “can I do it in Keynote?” Great suggestion.

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Home Design 3D, offering both 2D and 3D views. I’ve been using it for what seems ages, not only for moving furniture around but also for remodel projects. Only caveat: it can be… addictive!

I had just been looking for something on my Mac a few days before you posted this. I used to do this decades ago in Photoshop. My project is re-arranging my basement and nothing I found really had basement elements (or workshop), so I started measuring things up in Illustrator. A couple sounded decent but were either iOS only, or they wanted me to sign up for an account.

That said, I just downloaded Live Home 3D based on comments here and will give it a try, despite it not showcasing a basement either. But it’s likely I will go back to Illy.


Agree, I think Magicplan is great and very easy to use.

Lots of amazing choices for the Macintosh:

SweetHome3D (free)

LiveInterior 3D ($20)

DoodleCAD ($50)

Live Home 3D ($30)

Punch Home Design ($50)

Interiors (£71.10)

Once upon a time, I used Mac Draw to do this. Even did the preliminary design for an entire, 48 x 80-foot science operations facility for a space mission with it. (To be fair, the architects and interior design people came in afterward and did professional drawings.)

I used to use Intaglio until Mojave.