RIP AirPower, but Great Gadget Chargers Abound

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Apple’s AirPower was supposed to revolutionize wireless charging for Apple users, but Apple killed it before it saw the light of day. However, lots of other wireless—and wired—chargers brim with personality and versatility. Some, as AirPower promised, can even charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods wireless case simultaneously.

SliceCharge Pro is a better deal than the Nomad charger.

I bought the original Elago 128K Mac stand for my Watch, but now I wish I’d waited for the one to match my iMac G3 Rev B! What the heck, I may just get it also; $13 is cheap.

I had the original 128K Mac Stand. Unfortunately, the ’screen’ area is slightly too small to display the full watch face on the 44mm Series 4 Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the top bezel cuts off the very the top of the watch—the portion that shows how charged the watch is. If you check the listings closely on Amazon, you will see that they acknowledge this by omission. All the other stands list all sizes; the original doesn’t show the 44mm.

I have the 1st Generation so mine fits. Elago wasn’t aware the the 4th Generation would increase 2mm diag. (ca. 1.1mm width & height).

Has anything ever come of Meredith Perry’s ubeam sound charging idea?