Restoring data from iCloud after getting a new iPhone

I went for my new battery today, and they ended up giving me a new phone, stating they couldn’t get the battery tabs off. I wasn’t prepared for this and had not done an iTunes backup since I upgraded to iOS 12 two weeks ago, although I had an iCloud backup last night. I wasn’t even there, as I went to a client and left the phone behind instead of waiting for 45+ minutes.

I have Backup Photos to iCloud turned off, yet they do seem to be populating to the phone slowly.

If they don’t all come back, I should be able to get them from my iTunes backup, right? If not, Apple is holding my old phone so I can grab them manually tomorrow.

As far as my music goes, most of my music was imported into iTunes from the early days. Last time I went through this, I only saw the songs I that were purchased and in the cloud, but now like the pix, I’m seeing a lot more songs come through.

I’m also rethinking my 50gb iCloud plan - maybe it’s time to up it for times like this. OTOH, everything seems to be coming back so maybe not¿?