Restoring data from iCloud after getting a new iPhone

I went for my new battery today, and they ended up giving me a new phone, stating they couldn’t get the battery tabs off. I wasn’t prepared for this and had not done an iTunes backup since I upgraded to iOS 12 two weeks ago, although I had an iCloud backup last night. I wasn’t even there, as I went to a client and left the phone behind instead of waiting for 45+ minutes.

I have Backup Photos to iCloud turned off, yet they do seem to be populating to the phone slowly.

If they don’t all come back, I should be able to get them from my iTunes backup, right? If not, Apple is holding my old phone so I can grab them manually tomorrow.

As far as my music goes, most of my music was imported into iTunes from the early days. Last time I went through this, I only saw the songs I that were purchased and in the cloud, but now like the pix, I’m seeing a lot more songs come through.

I’m also rethinking my 50gb iCloud plan - maybe it’s time to up it for times like this. OTOH, everything seems to be coming back so maybe not¿?


Note that music storage is not included in your iCloud storage—you either pay for it via Apple Music or iTunes Match (confusing since iTunes references the iCloud Music Library). You can see how the iCloud storage that you pay for is allocated by going to the iCloud Settings (in IOS or under System Preferences on a Mac) and clicking or tapping Manage Storage. One thing that is useful to do is to get rid of iCloud backups for long gone devices. You may get back a few gigs that way.

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I have no idea how my email ended up in this thread as I started a new email, I didn’t reply to an old one :frowning: I also haven’t gotten an email from Tidbits since Nov 27.

The phone is still working. I ended up with nearly 400 songs downloaded, yet iTunes says I’ve only purchased 250. There seems to be a fair number of duplicates, one with and album cover photo and one that is blank.

I’m still perplexed about the photos. They are still downloading and I’m guessing I’ll get them all back onto the phone. The phone first showed me the structure of my albums and the dates of the photos and is now filling them all in. Long process.

I have to come up with a better way to manage my phone pix. I used to use iView Media Pro to download them to my computer and then back them up, but that stopped working in an OS update. I know I can use Photos, but the way it stores them in the finder is completely convoluted. I just want to put them in one folder called “iPhone Pix”. So instead I randomly use AirDrop to send them over but it can be tedious.

Yeah, our advice now is to do serious backups before ever taking any device to Apple, since they so often replace more than just what seems to be the problem.

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Didn’t even occur to me, as I’d done a phone battery in the past and got the same phone back. I even asked when I made the appointment, and when I left the phone there - had they said otherwise I would have come back another day.

The iPad was a complete replacement.

The “battery” was $29, but I lost my screen protector and they wouldn’t budge on replacing it, it’s still restoring and my voicemail hasn’t kicked in yet. The phone app locks up when I try to access VM. I’m hoping that goes away when the restore is finished.

Had the same thing happen with my $29 battery replacement - I got a new phone back instead. The report said several “failures” in opening the case and removing the old battery. Didn’t make much sense.

I had backed up to my machine at home, so restoring that was quick. But of course it then took forever to redownload all the apps I had from the Store. Grrr.

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Grrr is right! I actually put all the apps on pause and then manually released them a couple at a time while watching TV last night. I’ve had the phone in the basement near the wifi for the pix all morning now.

What is the best way to do this - iTunes first or iCloud? I guess I’m a little unclear as to what’s backed up in iTunes these days, as it’s changed so much the last few years.

In addition, I’ve gotten errors saying that my phone/masOS/iOS/iTunes versions, or any combination thereof, are not compatible with each other. This is really problematic for a couple of reasons: I have 2 Shuffles that need to sync to iTunes and my MBP only has a 256gb drive so my library is on an external. It used to be on my G4 until a phone update nuked that. I also don’t have a CD drive on my laptop so I end up importing everything manually over the network.

Ideally I’d like to have my real iTunes library working on my 2008 unibody (I already use that to play music in my office), but I’m pretty sure I’m going to run into OS vs hardware compatibility issues again.


When I had my battery replaced on my iPhone 6 the Apple person asked if I had a complete backup, I was warned there is always a chance the phone might go bye-bye. I don’t think they would have tried replacing the battery without seeing that I had a recent backup.

They checked my iCloud backup too, I don’t think they expect that the masses use iTunes.

It finally finished! Then I had to reinstall iTunes twice for my computer to see it again.


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