Restore selected contacts?

I just noticed that I have apparently deleted a key entry in Contacts (macOS 10.14.4).

Is there a way I can open and view my contacts in a backup (clone or Time Machine) without overwriting my entire file?

Another solution?

Thank you,


I’ve not tried it, but you can restore contacts from iCloud.

Thanks for the tip.

I tried it but it only goes back to March 20, 2019, and apparently I deleted the contact earlier than that.

I also tried rebooting from my oldest clone (January 12, 2019), but that isn’t early enough either.

If I restore from Time Machine and copy out the contact information I need, I guess I could restore again from the most recent Time Machine to preserve the changes that have been made in the meantime?



When I try restoring Contacts from Time Machine, it says, “No card selected.”

Does this mean you can’t restore all your Contacts from TM?