Resize Modal Dialog Utility? Editing Safari "Website Data" directly?

Anyone out there know of a utility, work around to Resize Modal Dialog Utility (in Big Sur or later)?

Ages ago, one used to be able to get around fixed sizes using ResEdit, AppleScript, etc. But with increased security, seems harder/impossible.

For instance, Safari’s Prefs->Privacy->Manage Website Data brings up a tiny 7 line window; which on a 30" monitor makes cleaning up (and removing) rarely used sites very, very, very tedious.

Would love to enlarge the window, see more, select groups and the deselect the keepers, etc.

Alternately, looked in various plist files to see if could use a plist xml editor to edit en masse, but I can’t find the file that stores the websites (likely complicated by iCloud sharing).

Any ideas out there?


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