Replacing Apple's Reminders

I’m looking for an app to replace Apple’s Reminders. Any suggestion?

If you have a minute, please read on. I schedule on Reminders my online Chinese conversation classes, twice a week, usually on the same day and at the same time. I want to be reminded one day in advance to prepare materials. I’ve set repeated reminders to warn me one day in advance with “end repeat” set to “never”. That’s usually fine, but sometimes the day or the time of the class change.

As I write it’s May 28. I need to change the time of one session in June. Apple’s Reminders doesn’t allow me to do it. When I click on Schedules, the Rest of June list doesn’t show me any of the repeated reminders that I have set for June, but only other reminders for that month, which in this case are irrelevant.

Is there an app that shows me all the reminders I’ve set? And change just one or all of them? (More or less like Apple’s Calendar does.) My only other requirement is that the reminders are synchronized in my Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Thanks in advance!

Setting up the classes as periodic meetings in a calendar app that syncs between environments (Apple, Google, Fantastical, Busy Cal, etc.) will give you the flexibility you need.

I use reminders for one-time tasks but the Apple Calendar for scheduled events. I sometimes use Fantastical to have a unified view of upcoming calendar events and reminders I have set.


I would broadly concur with @aforkosh here. A Calendar app for flexibility while repeating, they permit varying single instances.

I do use Due for certain repeating reminders that must never be missed, medicine, taxes, bills. It’s a very effective nagging machine but I tend to not use it for single reminders, I use Apples app for that.


For repeating reminders (like winding the 1764 grandfather clock that has an absolute fit if I let it run down) I prefer to use Calendar, with an alert. This would be easiest if your lessons are always on the same days, as seems to be the case. Make one Calendar entry, say, on a Tuesday, set it to repeat weekly with an alert one day before, and a second, say for Friday set the same way. Set Calendar to sync via iCloud so the alert will come through on your phone if away from your Mac.


Thanks to everybody for your replies and suggestions. For the moment I have switched (back) to Calendar for this task. It’s working, although I find it annoying (and contradictory) that one can postpone a Calendar notification by up to 1 one hour on the Mac, and only snooze it for a few minutes on the iPad and the iPhone.

The amusing thing is that I use Reminders a lot, but never as Apple has intended.

When I need to be reminded about something at a specific time or date, I create a timer or a calendar entry.

But Reminders is a really nice checklist app. I use it for all kinds of lists (groceries, wish-lists, etc.) because I can easily tap the “completed” button as I need to cross things off the list.

My alternative approach for this sort of thing is to use Notes, but that’s not as convenient.


My wife and I have a shared Shopping List in Reminders. The app handily sorts the items by type. It’s very useful as a list app.


Is this the application you use?

Calendar events expire at a particular time regardless of whether the event is attended,.

Reminders roll forward until they are marked completed (or deleted).

The choice of which application to use for scheduling your class preparations depends on whether you want to do these preparations even after the class has occurred.

  • If the need for preparation expires after the class has occurred, then the preparation is an event and you should use Calendar to schedule them.
  • On the other hand, suppose part of your preparation must be done regardless of whether the class has already occurred, e.g., making flashcards that you need after the class. In the case of durable preparations, Reminders is the appropriate application to schedule them because the preparation will roll forward and stay on your schedule until it is marked completed. The preparation for each class would be a separate Reminder, not a repeated one, so that each can be rescheduled without changing the due date for any other class preparation. Also, making each preparation a separate Reminder would support multiple presentations that remain uncomplicated after their respective class.

Unfortunately, Apple’s Calendar and Reminders applications are completely separate and Apple doesn’t provide a merged view of all items on your schedule, both those that expire (events) as well as those that roll forward and continue to be outstanding (reminders).

A merged view of Calendar and Reminders entries is rumored to be announced by during WWDC next week.

In the meantime, I understand that BusyCal offers such a merged view now.

UPDATE June 13, 2024

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That’s the one.

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I’ve always used iMonTime from on my Mac for reminders. It’s got a lot better scheduling options than Reminders does. However…it hasn’t been updated in several years and if it eventually breaks I’ll have to find something else.

I would say that, at least in this respect, you are using it very much as intended! They even have the “groceries” list type to organize foods by aisle!

First, thanks for pointing out the sort capability. I was unaware. But could you elaborate on the phrase “by type”? Are you prefixing each entry with a keyword like “Produce” and then sorting by title?

Dang, I guess this thread is Reminders 101 for me…never knew about list types either! But when I create a new list and choose “Templates” I get “No Templates” (I’m assuming that’s what you were referring to). Any idea where you got that “Groceries” template?

Jeff, I was pretty sure if you just call the list “Shopping List” and start to enter items, it happens automatically. However, if you tap on the three dot icon up top, it will offer a list type including Groceries. At some point I must have done that.


The automatic grocery sorting only works with recent versions. My Mac is Ventura, and it does not work there. My iPhone and iPad are up-to-date, and it does work there. I’m pretty sure I just named the list “Groceries”.

(I can see the list items in Ventura, but they are not categorized.)

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Aha! Wow, there’s the Tip Of The Week for sure. And now I see that what you and @dgbchr said in separate posts above are related. If you make the list a “Groceries” type, Reminders will group your items into categories like “Produce” and “Meat” intelligently. You can then use View > Sort By to either manually put the items in order within those sections, or sort them by Title (et al). Cool!

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Apparently your choices for when to use Due as opposed to Reminders are common:

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I’ve never liked Reminders or understood why it exists at all when Calendar works so much better, especially on the iPhone. Even when I’m sitting in front of my computer, I pick up my iPhone if I want to set an event reminder in the Calendar app.

The new Mac OS Sequoia that was announced yesterday incorporates Reminders and Calendar. Here is the brief note found on

  • Calendar shows events and tasks from Reminders, making it easy to see, edit, or complete tasks throughout the day. An updated Month View makes it easier to see events and reminders for an entire month at a glance.
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