Replacement of DragThing

(fahirsch) #1

I have been using DragThing for at least 8 years. It’s an app and file Launcher dock ( You drag files or apps to it and Alas, it’s a 32-bit app and by September-October 2019 it will be dead.
What other programs can replace it?


(Adam Engst) #2

Have you asked James Thomson if he plans to update it? With over a year before it’s a problem, he might be considering it.

(Dave Scocca) #3

I tweeted at him this morning, and he confirmed that he has no plans for the rewrite that would be necessary to make DragThing a 64-bit application.

(fahirsch) #4

I asked him today and he answered the following:

The honest answer is, I don’t know what’s going to happen. DragThing is an old Carbon app, and 64-bit support still will require a complete rewrite. I don’t know if there is enough market out there for a new version. I would need to spend six months on it, at least, and that would be time I wouldn’t be spending on PCalc, which brings in the vast majority of my income…
10.14 will still run 32-bit apps however, so there’s another year and a bit.