Replacement for Macsurfer

I have used for many (many) years as a starting point for the day’s news about Apple and the computer industry. The person running the site had tried for a subscription model (which I signed up for) but they did not get enough subscribers to justify continuing the site, which will be ending.

Are there other sites or aggregate sources that can supply my daily overview of the industry? Not sure if there are curated sites like MacSurfer, but even automated ones that will give me an overview like it did would be a start.

Not a perfect replacement by any means, but Google News allows for algorithmically generated news on particular topics. I use it sometimes, mostly for following micro-targeted subjects that otherwise would fall through my news viewing cracks.

Of course, curated sites will be much better, but too often these are simply passion projects, and as you discovered with MacSurfer, they aren’t sustainable as a business (and takes lots of time)

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There’s always Apple News, and there are many Apple, Mac and iOS specific channels to subscribe to. I like it a lot.

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I usually use a web-based RSS reader. I’m currently using Feedly for this, but there are others.

For Apple-related news, I have added feeds for:

  • Apple ADC Headlines
  • Apple press releases
  • Apple Insider
  • Eclectic Light Company
  • Mac Rumors
  • TidBITS ( :slight_smile: )

For other tech-related news, I also have:

  • ECN: Electronic Component News
  • IEEE Spectrum
  • iFixit
  • Krebs On Security
  • Light Reading
  • Michael Tsai blog
  • Network World
  • The Register
  • Sophos Naked Security
1 Like seems to aggregate tech news well, and in a pretty responsive way. It’s definitely more industry news than Apple-specific, but of course Apple news shows up there.

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I believe Guy Kawasaki was a co-founder.

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