Repairing keys on an Apple Extended Keyboard II

With all the great recent keyboard discussion, I wonder if anyone here might be able to point me in the right direction… I recently dug out an Apple Extended II keyboard I had been storing for several years, and was hoping to use it. Unfortunately, a handful of keys don’t seem to work. Most I could work around except for the D key, which is pretty important! I’ve prised off the keycap and tried removing the top plastic of the mechanism and re-seating the spring. No luck. :cry:

Does anyone have any advice on how I might be able to repair the non-functioning key? Even if I could swap the mechanism for the D key with the working one from something like F15. I have a soldering iron if necessary. I’d rather get this keyboard back in working order, it seems a waste to not be able to use it for the sake of 3–4 keys.

Here’s a page describing the switches used by different variations of the Extended Keyboard II:

Unfortunately, most versions used different types of Alps SKCM switches, which haven’t been manufactured for a very long time, but you might be able to find clones that can serve as replacements.

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Thanks. I think that when I first took the keycaps off a few weeks ago, I figured out the switch type (Alps cream if I remember correctly). What I was hoping to find is some guide on how to either refurbish or replace the switches. As I say, even if I can’t get a replacement, I’d be happy to swap the D switch with a key that I can sacrifice.

I won’t say anything for certain, because I don’t have one disassembled in front of me, but based on the photos of the board on the DeskAuthority web site, it looks like simple through-hole solder construction with two pins per switch. Switch replacement should be pretty simple if you have basic soldering skills.

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You’re right, I should probably just give it a try. I guess I was hoping there was some way of testing or refurbishing the switches without unsoldering them, but maybe not. That DeskAuthority website is a great resource, showing all the components and the construction. Thanks again!