Reoccurring Time Zone Change Warning

I keep getting the following notification:

Time Zone Change

Your medication schedule needs your attention.

However, I’ve changed my medication schedules and still get this warning. Anyway to turn it off?

I’ve seen these Notifications when I’m driving near the (physical) border between two timezones.

I presume it’s bringing to my attention that:

  • I’ve crossed into a new timezone,
  • The time has changed, and
  • I should be aware of this for meditation schedules based on elapsed time (hours since the last dose, for example) as opposed to at a particular time (such as an hour before dinner time).

Based on this TidBITS article, timezone Notifications appear to be an all-or-nothing option for Medication Reminders; apparently you can’t get them for some Medications and not get them for other Medication. See:

Settings → Notifications → Health → Health Notifications Settings → Medications → Time Zone Change

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I’ve basically flown ½ way across the world. Yes, my time zone changed. I edited my medical schedule, so it is reminding me to take them early in the morning ans before bed. However, this alert is still popping up — sometimes eight or nine times per day. I go in to edit my schedule when I get the warning, and within the hour. It pops up again. No I’m not near a time zone boundary.

I’ve turned off Time Zone notification change for medications. Thank you for that.

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That’s exactly what was happening! Katzrin, where I was staying is in Golan. Apparently, my watch was switching from Tel Aviv time to Syrian time and back.

When we were driving up to Katzrin, Apple Maps said we would arrive in 15 minutes, but showed we would arrive an hour and fifteen minutes later. We were confused by this.

Being on vacation, I hadn’t been too interested in the time, and by chance when I did check it, it had Tel Aviv time on it. This morning, it was supposed to be 8:00 and I initially panicked because my watch said 9:00am. I thought I was running late. Then I checked the time zone, and saw it. I turned off the time.

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Yes, on Thanksgiving I noticed several Medication Notifications while driving near the timezone border between Illinois and Indiana. It was mildly annoying and somewhat surprising because we were driving one way on an expressway and I don’t think that we actually crossed the border more than once. I suppose that I was being juggled among two or more cell towers scattered on either side of the border.

Having said this, I recall being an hour late to a play in Indianapolis because I’d forgotten the time zone change from home to Indianapolis.

I’ve been thankful that my Apple Watch automatically adjusts ever since. But, if I lived near a timezone border then I think I’d be less enthusiastic.

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