Rendering .dng image files in a browser

I’ve started taking advantage of the Amazon Photos service. As a Prime member all my photos are automatically uploaded to Amazon. All means all—there is no limit on storage capacity. This represents a useful, free, automatic offsite back-up for all my image files.

There’s just one snag. The vast majority of my photos are shot in RAW format, imported into Adobe Lightroom, and stored as .dng files. These get uploaded to Amazon with no problem, and I can download them again. But to view them on the Amazon server you have to use a web browser—and I cannot find any browser or browser extension that will render .dng files. All I see is a graphic showing the file name, which makes it impossible to browse through the uploaded files. Every now and then I get a message from Amazon inviting me to view, for example, photos from today’s date over the last few years. And all I see is file names! And if I ever needed to recover any files from the Amazon server all I could do is select all the files from a particular date to download.

Does anyone have any idea how I can view these files online? I have asked the question to Amazon, but haven’t received any answer.