Remove iCloud from one of my devices?

iCloud just established itself on all (3) of my devices. I have a very old setup that I have to keep for just a while longer. It has remained fairly safe for my purposes because they have minimal contact and I operate them separately. Yesterday, however iCloud propagated itself to the old device. Is there a way for me to keep iCloud for my phone and iPad and. keep it away from my computer & drives. I had a nasty attempt on my iPad almost as soon as that iCloud updated. That attempt required information from more than one device/application to try to do what it tried.

I may have had iCloud actually, but it wasn’t so active so I wasn’t constantly aware of it. And it certainly never opened a browser and presented a must act-on situation.

Hope this makes any sense.


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You can isolate any device from iCloud by signing out of your iCloud account on that device in System Preferences.
ICloud can’t propagate by itself to other devices. They must have been signed in to your iCloud Account at some time.
On a device which is signed into iCloud you can be selective about which iCloud services are active on that device.
I strongly recommend the Take Control of iCloud book which has just been updated.