Remote Control for iPad Pro

I’m the projectionist for our local photo club. I’ve recently switched to using my iPad Pro to display the members’ jpgs and mp3 slide shows. I’d like to find a simple bluetooth remote that could be used to move from image to image, start and stop mp3 videos, maybe work with PowerPoint. When I search for such a thing I keep getting steered to phone apps—not what I want.

Guest speakers need something I can hand them that they can use with a minimum of instruction—as in"Just press Next." I don’t want a lot of extra confusing butttons.

Can anybody recommend such a device?

Most off-the-shelf presentation remotes work with iOS/iPadOS, though not necessarily with every app. Powerpoint and Keynote are pretty much guaranteed to work.

Two that stand out for specifying iOS compatibility:
Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote Clicker,
Satechi Aluminum Wireless Presenter Pointer,

The Satechi is Bluetooth and the Logitech uses a USB dongle (the latter are always more reliable in my experience.)


Oh for the days when Mac laptops came with a remote that was great for this situation. I often used mine for presentations with Keynote instead of the horrible Powerpoint running on a Windows machine.

How many times did (do!) I see PPT presentations interrupted by system messages or refuse to run videos that worked perfectly in rehearsal.

Now, as Thomas suggests, you need to buy a third party device that might work with an iPad (and Keynote has been dumbed down to work with iOS).

Thanks. Many reviewers on the Amazon site for the Logitech remote complain it doesn’t work with the current operating systems. The same goes for the Satechi, I need a control that works with the iPad Pro 12.9 inch 4th generation model running OS 14.5.1.