Reliable battery vendor recomendations

My wife needs a replacement battery for her white 13" Mackbook - year & model unknown. It’s used for legacy software. The battery is an A1185. Newegg and Amazon have them but from outside sources.

Please send the names of reliable suppliers.


I’ve used Battery Heads before.


Other World Computing has good batteries and they cater exclusively to Mac owners. . They are at:

or you can call them at (800) 275-4576.

I second OWC, and also you might try BatteriesPlus; they are insanely overpriced, but if you want a name brand (like Rayovac or Sony), they have them, and offer good solid warranties, and might be local to you.

Otherwise, a year ago, I bought this one ( and so far, so good. I paid $40 then; it’s $30 today. Might be old stock; no way of knowing till you see the production date, and if its too old to be confident, you can use the liberal Prime return policy (verify it’s eligible first, though).