Reinstall iPadOS?

I was on the phone with Apple’s 1st level support for about 45 minutes this morning, before I finally convinced the woman to transfer me to 2nd level. I explained my issue to 2nd level, and she suggested that I, 1) reinstall iPad OS, or 2) do a clean install by restoring. I was really pressed for time, and had to get off the phone. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t know how to do a re-install of iPadOS! I know how to do a backup & restore, but the 2nd level person suggested that I could also just re-install, without having to do the restore. Searching the internet, I don’t see any instructions for doing so.

Does anyone know how to do a re-install of iPadOS without doing a full backup & restore?

You should be able to follow the instructions here:

Yep, I know this. Based on my conversation with the 2nd level, there’s also a way to do it without doing a full, clean install via Restore. That’s what I’m after.

Thanks! Cheers!

In that case putting the device in recovery/DFU is supposed to allow this by clicking update rather than restore (but of course I would have a good backup just in case.)