Redirect for email

Is it not possible to set a redirect at for email? I looked but there’s only a forward option. What I’m trying to do is redirect email to that account to my main email account that has more robust (and configurable) spam filtering. Looking at Mail options on the iCloud website in Safari doesn’t show any ability to redirect.

What’s the difference between iCloud’s forwarding option and what you’re looking for in a redirect?

Just the difference between any other forward vs redirect…the forward to my main account will be from while a redirect will still be from the original sender. I guess a forward will work since mostly what I want to do is filter out some of the junk…but the primary way to do that is to block domains or addresses and the original of those won’t be in the From block anymore, just contained in the body of the forwarded email.

I’m surprised they don’t offer a redirect option…that’s pretty much standard with most email server packages I’m familiar with. I was pretty sure it can’t be done but figured there might be some hidden preference url somewhere that can do it…but maybe it’s one of those fairly common Apple ideas of doing what 90% of the users need and minimizing the amount of distracting preference choices to do it the “Apple way”.

I just tested forwarding email from an account using that setting - it works just like a redirect. The email address that receives the email shows it as coming from the original sender without appearing as a forwarded email.

Thanks Doug. I had not tried it since it said it was a forward.

Neil, my experience is the same as Doug’s. I have TidBITS emails sent to my address then have it forwarded to my ISP address. They show up as From: the appropriate TidBITS address and as To: my address.

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Mine too. Did a test and the forward from iCloud appears to be a redirect in reality. I’ve set that up and will work on blocking the spam that address keeps getting.