Red Wi-Fi menu bar icon

Recently my modem has periodically dropped out and required a restart from the ISP (not me) several times, and since then I’ve noticed my selected router in the dropdown menu is red not black.
Is red normal or suggesting continuing trouble?
(Pay no attention to the router name - I actually have an Eero Mesh system but always carry forward very old credentials to avoid reassigning about 50 home automation devices.)

Red Wifi Icon?

2020 MacBook Air M1 Monterey 12.6.7

I don’t think it’s an issue with your network. It looks like your Mac simply is using red as its “Accent” color. To change it to something else, go to…

   Apple Menu > System Preferences > General

…and look for “Accent color”. Pick another color.


I don’t have a setting like that; the only settings that are a color change are “Appearance” and “Highlight color”

‘Accent Color’ should be right above ‘Highlight Color’ in the Appearance pane. It used to be that the highlight color would not only be the color surrounding selected text, but also the color used for menu selections when you move the cursor over them, and the selected wi-fi network in the wi-fi menubar widget. But now the latter are separate from highlight colors and are selected using the accent color. The red switch color in your screen shot shows that this is set to red.


Bingo! That was the problem. Thanks for the solution!


Here’s a screen shot from my Big Sur system:

Ah, then it was added in a later MacOS version. I’m maxed out at 10.13.6

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(Replying to @romad)

Yes, the original poster was using Monterey. The equivalent for High Sierra (10.13.6) is the “Appearance” function in the “General” pane of the System Preferences, highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below.

It works a little differently from the “Accent” function found in Mojave and later systems, though. It will not change the color of individual WiFi networks from the default (black), but it will change the color of the WiFi menubar icon when you select the menubar icon.

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 6.39.24 PM

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