Recovering from a Mojave downgrade

Bought a new 2019 iMac with fusion drive and Catalina was installed on it. I can not afford to buy new apps. to fit Apple’s planned obsolescence. No T2 chip and it seemed like a no brainer to install Mojave and then migrate from the external clone. Built a Mojave flash drive. Started it up using it and deleted the Data portion of the drive and left the other portion intact as there was no information on it. Installed Mojave on the data section thinking it would only install the system on it-WRONG!. Cloned/Migrated over everything and now I am looking a 2 distinct Volumes. One has everything and it is still called data with a portion of the 1TB being used and the other volume has nothing on it but still reads as 1 TB available. So in essence the Fusion Drive is separated and fusion section is not being used as it should be. I know I can reset the drive back to complete fusion, but everything will have to be erased to reset the fusion drive with the terminal command. I guess I’ll just live with the 2 drive icons on the desktop. I know I can hide one-but most of the chflags command do not work to hide the volume that has no information on it. But it is pretty weird that they both reconcile has having 1 TB available but only one has all my 400GBs on it. But it is blazingly fast and starts up in under 20 secs. Think I’ll any problems down the line with this set up as it stands? Only been using it a few days now.

If it were me, I’d take the time to reformat the disk completely and then reinstall from the backup. I can’t say exactly what problems might occur, but it just seems like a dodgy way to set up a new Mac.

I’d recommend following the instructions here for reformatting, and then reinstall Mojave.

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Just curious to know what applications you consider essential even though they are still and will likely stay 32 bit? Assuming that is why they are not compatible. Or is there a different reason?

Well I do not want to spend any money to send off to Microsoft at this point so Office 2011 works just fine.
Quicken - yeah right -sure I’ll buy a yearly subscription- NOT on anyone’s life. I also have dedicated Photoshop older versions that I use for certain tasks with macros and such. Albeit not much - but hey why spend the time to set everything again on the current CC. Roxio, their 17 version works just fine- almost. As they advertise that it does screen capture but DOES NOT do system audio. Neither does 18. It is a dodgy company since it went to Corel. So I use another screen capture app. -again 32 bit. Using Macs since 1984- you do tasks and sometimes get stuck in a rut.-But change most of the time is not necessary (OS 9 is not on my system :slight_smile:) - except nowadays for security reasons. But I am using Mojave and also 13.7 (?) on my new SE Phone- so one is still hopeful. We see!

Good Points- But if all is tickety-boo- for awhile then I’ll stick with it now. I have double backups and one in a fire-proof safe. So if there is problem then I will definitely go the correct route. I was a little nervous doing the Mojave as I didn’t think it would work (ya know like code signature problems). But it did work and I didn’t want to press my luck. Thanks for the repy from the Boss.

Just FYI…most supposedly fireproof safes won’t actually protect the contents for a complete house burn to the ground situation like you have in a wildfire…although some will most are designed to protect assuming the fire department manages to save the structure from complete destruction. Check the specs.

And a fireproof safe might not be waterproof. A company I worked for years ago found this out the hard way when the backup for the telephone/intercom system, etc. was found languishing in a nice cool bath from a leak in the wall the very expensive, top of the line safe was installed in. It literally took weeks to get things straightened out.