Recovering a deleted playlist

No one had any suggestions on my previous post, so I did it the hard way. But now I have a new issue.

I have lost a treasured playlist. I’m trying to find the list of the songs that were in that playlist so I can recreate it.

I extracted a week-old copy of ‘Music Library.musiclibrary’ (henceforth referred to as the Library) from a backup. I figured that it would be bad to allow this to connect to the Internet, because it would either mess up all the changes I’ve made this week, or it would immediately update to the Cloud version and I wouldn’t be able to see my playlist.

Instead, I created a new User account, turned off Internet access, and opened Music with the backup Library. I was able to see all of my playlists… except that it only showed tracks that had been local to my machine. It did not show any Apple Music streaming tracks that I had added to the playlists.

I believe that the streaming tracks are also referenced in the Library file, but I have no idea how to see them without messing up everything else. Any suggestions?

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I’m still super annoyed about this. I’m backed up three different ways (Time Machine > NAS, CCC > external drive, Backblaze > cloud), and Apple’s Cloud prevents me from effectively using any of them.

Also, the way I lost my playlist was that Apple had duplicated the playlist, so I had ‘Playlist’ and ‘Playlist1’. I verified that they had the same contents, then deleted one of them. Next time I went to look for the playlist, both were gone.