Recommendations (iPhone, Watch, Apple TV 4K)

Hi guys,

iPhone: So, I’m a Android user, but I want to change to Apple Ecosystem, currently I have a 128gb smartphone. My doubt would be in 64gb or 256gb, I think 256gb is way too much, I don’t use my cellphone professionally but I do use most of my day, I’m not into games so much but I like to have a few games installed just in case. I don’t watch netflix that much on my cellphone, but sometimes I download a few episodes(no more than 10). Do you guys believe 64gb is enough? If not does a 50gb iCloud is enough to satisfy all my needs? Or I have to buy the 256gb(considering that in my country is so f***ng big the difference of prices. Brazil).

Watch: What are the differences between the Nike+ and the normal one? It is worth it to get the nike?

Apple TV: Does 32gb is enough? or 64gb is a must have?

My iPhone X is 64 GB. I use iCloud Photo Library for my photos (so that the amount of storage space on the phone taken up by photos is small) and I use iCloud Music Library (same thing, though I do have about 8 GB of music downloaded to the phone - a playlist that I play most often.) The iPhone also has an option to optimize storage of apps so that they will be offloaded and then downloaded from the App Store when you try to open them on the fly without losing any of your stored data. I do have the 200 GB iCloud data plan because my photos are just over 50 GB now. (Well, the real reason is that I share the iCloud storage with my family, but just looking at my usage, it would require more than 50 GB.) I still haven’t seen an out of storage message after two years of use. All that said - if I were buying a phone now, I’d probably opt for at least 128 GB of storage, just to be on the safe side.

So, there are ways to get by with 64 GB, but it may come with the monthly cost of extra iCloud storage.

They cost exactly the same, but the Nike watch comes with some extra watch faces and comes with the Nike+ Run Club app pre-installed. It has the same watch faces that the regular watch has, just three extra Nike watch faces. You can see them here: It also comes with the Nike watch bands, most of which you can buy separately for the non-Nike version. In short, if you want any of the Nike watch faces, or prefer the Nike bands and don’t want to pay extra to get one, it’s definitely better to buy the Nike version.

All of my Apple TVs are 32 GB. I have never seen a message about running out of storage. I don’t play games only Apple TV - if you do plan to play games, maybe the 64 GB is better?


The latest iPhones and iOS allow you to access videos and other media files on a USB thumb drive so, combined with cloud storage, having large memory on the phone is no longer a big issue

With the Apple TV it is useful to have a Mac computer to act as a media server for video, photos and music that you have stored offline. The ATV comes with a Computers app for this purpose but does not have user-manageable storage itself. Otherwise you can only access streaming internet services or use Airplay to play content from an iPhone or iPad to the ATV. A (relatively) cheap second-hand Mac will do the job nicely.

You could always go for the iPhone 11 (not Pro) since it comes in a 128 GB model. For me, 64 GB is too little, but 256 GB is way more than I need. I still got the iPhone 11 Pro, but I wasn’t happy about having to get the 256 GB model.

I see no particular win in getting the Nike+ model of the Apple Watch. And there’s no reason to get more than 32 GB in an Apple TV unless you plan to be downloading a lot of really large games.

My iPhone is an old model (a 6+) with its minimum storage configuration (16 GB). This is enough for all of my must-have applications and a small number of games, but it is not enough to store music or videos. I can’t shoot more than a small amount of video before I must offload the content onto my Mac.

For myself, a 64 GB phone would be enough. I could add a few more games and it would let me shoot more video with the camera.

Even if I got a phone equipped with 256 GB of storage, I would probably continue using a separate iPod (I have a 160 GB Classic and a 256 GB Touch) for transporting my music collection and for playing podcasts, if for no reason other than to preserve my battery when playing music on the go.

If you’re not gaming and you don’t expect to be storing a lot of video or music, then I think 64 GB should be enough. If you plan on shooting video with the camera and don’t plan on offloading it soon after it it shot, then I would recommend more capacity.

You could always go for the iPhone 11 (not Pro) since it comes in a 128 GB model. For me, 64 GB is too little, but 256 GB is way more than I need. I still got the iPhone 11 Pro, but I wasn’t happy about having to get the 256 GB model.

I have an iPhone 11 Pro because the iPhone 11 is too large for me. If I got the regular 11 I would have gone for 128GB, but stuck with 64 GB since I got the 11 Pro. It works only because I buy extra iCloud storage. I had 64GB on my iPhone 6 so I didn’t change any of my data storage habits with the new phone. But if I had the 128GB option I would have bought it.