Recommendations for Wi-Fi Router and 4G LTE

I know this is not Mac related but I was hoping someone here could help. Or direct me.

We have really bad DSL service where I live. Our neighbor brought up his Nighthawk AX4 4G LTE WiFi 6 Router ( Nighthawk 4G LTE Router - LAX20 | NETGEAR ) he added a T-Mobile Data card to it and it worked much better than our DSL . But it is our of stock most places.

The question is has anyone done this. and what components did you use and would recommend

A T-Mobile data card is liable to have restrictions on data transfer per month. If there is any way to switch from DSL to a cable tv connection for internet, that would be your best bet. But I am guessing that isn’t an option.

Apparently T-Mobile has a stand-alone device to provide internet service:

Here is link to T-Mobile’s home internet service where you can check availability in your area:

@julio wrote about this general topic a few months back for us: