Recommendations for iPad FTP app?

For my new iPad Pro I’m looking for an FTP app. It seems I have FTP Manager Pro installed, so I must have bought it at some point. And I even have some connections set up. But for the life of me I can’t remember how to use it with iCloud and upload selected files to a remote directory. I thought there was some sort of drag and drop, but can’t find it and don’t remember.

I use CyberDuck on my Mac and would be happy either with drag and drop from the Files app, or a dual pane solution.

Anybody have an FTP app they find convenient to use on the iPad?

I typically don’t need to do this, but one reason for getting the new iPad is for work emergencies, when I just have the iPad with me.


It looks like you can use drag-and-drop in split screen mode. For example, open up the Files app on one side and FTP Manager Pro on the other side and drag and drop between them. In that sense it’s sort of CyberDuck-ish and pretty easy to use.