Recommendation for good USB-C charger with built-in battery?

So many years ago I bought this Anker device to both charge my iPhone&iPad on the go and to also act as a backup battery for either. It charges its built-in battery through the wall plug, but it can also charge through USB if only that’s available (Y seats sometimes offer USB, but not AC so that can come in handy). It’s a nice device and has worked well, but it doesn’t have USB-C and so I’m looking for a new charger/battery. In principle I could plug an A-C adapter into this thing and continue to use it, but since I’d also like to get more battery capacity (and possibly smaller/lighter with GaN), I figured I’d best just replace it with a newer model. Problem is, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot to choose from.

Any good recommendations?

It should be GaN and have at least 2x USB-C (at least one should offer 30W) and ≥10 Ah. It doesn’t have to offer USB-A at all. It should charge through an AC wall plug (that folds in), but nice would be if it could also be charged through one of its USB-C ports. It should have an external charge indication. And it shouldn’t be ridiculously expensive like Anker’s $100 733 charger.