Recent macOS Update Fixes Multi-Display Screen Saver Bug

Originally published at: Recent macOS Update Fixes Multi-Display Screen Saver Bug - TidBITS

Annoyed by the bug in macOS 13.3 Ventura that prevented screen savers from working on multiple displays? Apple quietly fixed it at some point, so as of macOS 13.4.1, you can again enjoy your screen saver eye candy on all attached displays.

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I don’t know when Apple fixed the bug because the company didn’t see fit to mention it in any release notes.

The lack of proper release notes is a real bummer with Apple.

And this fix seems like a particularly easy one to mention.

Not only is my pet peeve bug fixed, but @ace made me internet famous! Thanks ! Thanks Adam!


So I installed the update and it did indeed fix the problem with multiple displays. But, in the end, the situation is now worse: I can no longer select Photo Library Albums from the Options section of Screen Saver. Instead, I get this weird screen:

Just checked again today. It seems to have fixed itself…and is working normally. Fingers crossed.