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If you like reading news in an app, we have four possibilities for you. And we’d appreciate it greatly if you could follow us in Apple News and Google News to encourage their recommendation algorithms for others.

I live in Argentina, and today I found out that Apple News was installed when I upgraded to Mojave, but was invisible. I dragged it to the Dock, and now can read Tidbits in News (plus other news sources).

That’s truly fascinating—when you say the News app was “invisible,” what do you mean? Simply not in the Dock, in the Applications folder but somehow hidden, or something else?

Also, how do you have your Region set in System Preferences > Language & Region? If that’s set to United States (or UK or Australia), that might explain its presence.

My Region is set to Argentina.

If you keep open the Applications folder, and change Region to Argentina, News “disappears” from the Applications folder. Change back to US and it reappears.

Should have used the word “hidden” instead of invisible as in using Command-Shift-. to show hidden files and folders.

Very cool. Can someone from another non-supported country confirm what @Fahirsch is saying? In other words, can you change your region to United States, add the News app to your Dock, change the region back, and still be able to get News to work properly?

YES! I switched from Italy to UK, and appears, only to disappear when I switch back to Italy - together with all the backup copies I made :slight_smile:

Maybe there is a way to let it stick.


Maybe there is a way to let it stick.

YES! You can launch from the Terminal even with Italy set as region and hidden (I’ve set up a launcher from Keyboard Maestro) :

open -a /Applications/