Raw format as default setting in Photo app

Apple Photo app now has the option of taking RAW images. But you have to set the app to RAW each time before taking a photo. Is there any way of making the RAW option permanent?

I’d look in settings / camera / preserve settings and make sure that the Apple ProRAW setting is turned on (eg, preserve the setting rather than reset to default.)

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Thanks Doug I will try your suggestion.

Personally, I like having the option. There are times when I don’t want to take pictures in raw mode since they take up a lot more space.

When I tried it on my iPhone 14 Pro, the setting for RAW vs non-RAW was remembered from photo to photo and between photo sessions. For the choice to appear at all, you need to enable it in the Camera settings, selecting whether it will be 12MP or 48MP. A RAW button appears with the other common photo selections, initially with a diagonal line through it, indicating it is turned off. Tapping it turns it on. It keeps that setting (through sessions) until you change it.

Thanks Alan. I find that I have to switch to RAW each time I wanted to take a photo. But Doug’s suggestion of working the Camera settings might be a more permanent approach. I have yet to try it.

So do I. You don’t lose the option by following the advice above; you just tell Camera to remember your last choice.