Ransomware protection from cloud storage services

Noteworthy about difference between Drives. Only one that seems to have protection against ransomware attacks are Dropbox with their Rollback feature. Both Google Drive and Onedrive seems to need external backup services to accomplish this. Google Vault seems not up to the task when it matters. Does anyone have experience from this?

If you get OneDrive via a Microsoft 365 subscription, it has a default 30 day rollback feature. If I remember correctly, Google Workspace has a similar rollback window.

A rollback can provide a measure of real security, but it is not quite as reliable as an independent backup. In addition to longer “rollback” periods, independent backup tools for Google Workspace and M365 generally provide significantly stronger protection against malicious users and malware by separating backups and archives from end user activity and credentials. (Reasonable post about one such tool.)

I strongly recommend that all organizations using Google Workspace or M365 should evaluate the cost of an independent backup tool very carefully versus their tolerance for potential downtime and data loss.

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